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 Kurosu Graphics Shoppe, for ads, affs, graphics, and icons
 Posted: Aug 15 2015, 02:35 PM


Phantom of the Black Parade
15 Aug 15


Giving smooches


Hello! This is the Black Master Graphics Shoppe. I do a little dabbling with image editing in my free time, though I will be the first to assure you I am far from an expert in any way, shape, or form. Particularly when it comes to making images. Woe is me. Anyway.

I will be opening up shop to take requests for... well, a lot of things. I will be trying to focus on making icons (100x100, animanga in style only, you must be okay with me releasing them to the public, batch size will be in bundles of 50, though less or more may happen according to motivation and image availability). This is what I really "do" best to be honest. I love making icons. It is my lifeblood. Please give me icons to make. Please.

In addition to icons, I'll also be taking requests to do larger images for simple crops and the like provided you give me the dimensions. While they'll also (hopefully) be submitted to the public, they'll be more unique, and I love doing croppings too.

I will also be taking requests to do what I will be calling "ad matrices". Basically you give me the main fonts on the site (which is the title and which the description) unless you want me to wing it, and you give me the site name and description and I will make you something. I can do the full size, 550x200, or I can do something similar to what's in my current signature, with differing sizes based on whether you're a general member or own it or staff it or what. I'll provide you with the coding to put in your signature thing and we're all good.

Lastly, I guess I'll put this on the table. I also can do advertisements or affiliate banners. I prefer to do more general croppings, but I will do affies and ads. I'd like to think I'm not bad at either. Like to think anyway. Just like with the ad matrices, I'll need some fonts if you want those to match, as well as the site name and description for ads (or just series and short name for affs), and while I will allow for a little other niggly things for this, I do ask that you try to keep me as free to work as possible.

Thank you guys for getting this far, and I hope you enjoy the work!

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