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 Fire Emblem / GoT Mix
 Posted: Oct 6 2017, 11:57 AM


6 Oct 17




Will be a bloody mess xD

So if you are like me you have an addiction to Fire Emblem. I adore the whole idea with the nations, their ruling factions and even the whole fantasy hit! So I have been toying with the idea of taking the idea of Fire Emblem and mixing it with GoT which is another fantasy lore I am totally in love with.

So as we know in FE there are the nations themselves; nohr, hoshido, valla, etc. The idea I had was to take those nations and have them all going for that one ruling power. The kind of power that allows them to control all the other nations (haven’t thought of a name though) was gonna do an iron throne but of course we have to change that title.

So now you have all these nations who have ruling factors who want that ultimate power. And of course we have drama within those powers to, not to mention that there are noble families who want to over throw the ruling powers to gain their own leg in the race.

With all the nations in a race to get to the top there will be spies, fights and if they aren’t careful a full out war. I was just thinking this might be fun to play. Because FE offers different kind of fantasy, and GoT is well just epic with its fantasy style of the noble families and their drama to get to the top.

So I was just wondering what everyone thought of such an idea.
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