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 00. forum rules, please read these before anything else!
 Posted: Aug 10 2015, 08:50 PM


10 Aug 15


sad sports


general rules

00. Respect is key. Respect people's opinions, skills, genres, etc - we want a happy and welcoming community, open to everyone, so please keep this in mind when participating on our forum!

01. Our avatar size is 200 x 200, and signatures must be no bigger than 550 x 200. You may advertise your site in your signature and in the appropriate boards at the bottom of the forum.

02. Do not advertise via PM, or ask for coding or graphics requests via PM. There is a board available for you to make requests.

03. Ripping of codes, unattributed use of other people's codes, and straight up copying will not be tolerated. We understand there are grey areas in regards to inspiration, but it is clear when code has been stolen. Don't do it.

04. Members credits must be kept intact at all times. All resources submitted must also include a link back to our site.

05. Please only have one account per user. While you are able to change your username, please do not do so excessively - it can get confusing. Try to stick to a single alias.

If you have any concerns, whether it be about our rules or a member's conduct on-site, please contact a staff member. Unfortunately we can not assist with off-site matters, so please keep this in mind!

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