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 Green Lanterns Wanted (for DC RPG) - Jcink
Miss Red
 Posted: Dec 23 2017, 11:36 PM

Miss Red

29 Sep 15




Site Name & Link: All Our Masks
Your Account/Want Ad: Miss Red
Contact info: Skype - SuperRedMissy, Discord - SuperRedMissy#4308, or join our site discord channel using this code N7qpZDk
Character Requested: Green Lanterns!
Request Specifics:
Oh man, I have so many wants but right now we could really use a Green Lantern or two to bounce our characters off of. Right now we have a Hal Jordan (Green), Sinestro soon (Yellow), Razer (Red), and three OC Lanterns (green, yellow, and blue). Please keep in mind that we keep as accurate as possible but we do not take ourselves too seriously. If we cannot find answers to something we do not know or it just conflicts too much, we make something up to keep the story going. So if you cannot handle some flexibility in your lore then we might not be for you, but at the same time perhaps we could benefit from your knowledge! We have fun, that is all I can say! Check us out! These are the GLs I could think of off the top of my head that we could greatly benefit from but we are open to any lanterns (of most colors).

John Stewart

So with what is going on right now with our current Lanterns, I think a John would be really fun since he is more of the straight and narrow type of guy. We have joked that my GL OC was given to him to apprentice but they did not mesh well (at all) but it is not board canon (unless you want it to be). Could also promise a little tension with Hal Jordan over a certain Yellow Lantern.

Guy Gardner
Who does not love Guy?! Again, he would be absolutely fabulous to have around! It would be hilarious for him and my OC to get along since that would drive Hal totally insane. And I'm pretty sure they would get on pretty well! And he would also be fun to have with our new Yellow Lantern situation.

Soranik Natu
Since her father is going to very soon be released from the Power Battery on site, I think she would be very interested in this development. Would be awesome to get her involved in the plot and get her take on the whole situation.

Hal dragging Kilowag into problems he does not need? Who does not want to see that? Plus, cannot pass up Kilowag and Razer trying to kill each other and giving Hal more gray hair.
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