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 RWBY Fans, opinions wanted!
 Posted: Jun 28 2018, 08:14 PM


27 Nov 15




My husband and I are in the process of working on a RWBY RP site. I was hoping fans could give some input on a couple of questions.
I absolutely adore the setting and the lore, so that's mostly what I'm working with at the moment. However, I am wondering what fellow fans would find most fun:

-Should canon characters be included? I'm thinking yes, but I don't plan on playing any myself and I don't want there to be emphasis on the canons. I struggled with this a lot with past canon RPs (trying to get "important" canons filled so things could move forward.)
-It will definitely be AU but how AU should it go? Start from X season and go from there? Start from before the series started? After the last season? A lot of cool and interesting shit happened in the series that I'd be remiss in excluding.
-I am not into stats but should there be an included "tabletop" element because there IS a combat element? (And there will inevitably be some of those players who want to be The Very Best.)

Anything I'm not thinking about? Anything to add?

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