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 Creative Writing Development/Improvement Forum
 Posted: Apr 17 2017, 12:01 PM


Sometimes She Was All Good
8 Sep 16


Creation and Coding


This is something I have been considering for a while because I desperately want to continue improving my writing. I've been participating in some small scale development forums, but would love to get an actual board up that is completely devoted to improving creative writing skills with an emphasis on post-by-post RPGs. Is this something anyone out there would be interested in?

I think it would consist of portfolios/journals, an area to store character information, and forums where you can have your characters or plots or whathaveyou critiqued by other members. I'd also like to do a section with weekly or monthly prompts and challenges members can participate in.

Forums might include:
-Portfolios and/or Library
-Learning Forum (Tutorials, Tips, Documentation, etc)
-World Building (Tutorials, Documentation)
-Development Forum (Critique/Analysis for Characters, Plots, Posts, "World Building" documentation)
-Challenges (Writing Prompts)
-Directory (RPGs, Resource Sites, useful extensions or links)
-Open RPing
-General Discussion/Chatting

*Classes - I'm also thinking about creating a forum for classes. Maybe some led by members? Or a forum where members can group up to take a class together on Skillshare or something like that.

What do you think?
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