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 petrichor [jcink], shadowhunters + teen wolf / co-admin
 Posted: Aug 9 2017, 12:15 PM


9 Aug 17




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Site Tumblr - petri-rp

I'm Jacka! Those that know me in person refer to me as Jack, and on occasion I have even been called Jackalope— the choice, however, is yours!

I am a twenty-four year old aspiring author from Berkshire, England— forty minutes outside of London for those overseas. I am an honorary Ameribrit with dual nationality, so naturally I spend my days wasting away in front of television shows— 99% of which are in fact, American.

However, before I start to digress and type a miniature autobiography— can you tell I'm far more comfortable talking about myself online rather than in person? Though now for why you have actually endeavoured to read this, because you're potentially looking to become a staff member— well it just so happens that I am in fact looking for one or two lovely co-admins.

Petrichor is a Season 5 Teen Wolf and Season 1 Shadowhunters roleplay that also utilises the spooky and 'creepy' elements of additional formats.

Now, before you flee for the hills screaming about panfandom boards and what "additional formats" might mean, let me explain: the board, plot and canon lore will exclusively revolve around Teen Wolf: Season Five and Shadowhunters: Season One.

Brief Summary

"Our story focuses on the in-fighting of the Downworld and the exploits of Valentine Morgenstern who has found himself aligned with the Dread Doctors."

Now, the additional formats pertain to the other fandoms that have spooky or creepy elements that I think will fit nicely into the setting of this brave new Beacon Hills. These include the likes of Supernatural, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Riverdale and so on.

Don't go fleeing again, stay with me here— these characters will not be carbon copies of the protagonists and antagonists from their respective worlds. They are merely skeletons that can be shaped and moulded into the Petrichor universe.

FAQ Excerpt

“It should be clear that characters of this nature are brand spanking new, and cannot enter from a historic canon point. By all means, make Dean and Sam hunters— but remember they’re new at it! Make the Halliwell sisters the powerful Charmed ones, but remember, they’re new at it!”

These characters will be reinvented by members, which includes alternative portrayals, histories and such. Buffy Summers can be a sixteen year old slayer just moving to town, and Sam Winchester can have returned to Beacon Hills— his home town, from college after the death of his girlfriend.

I am not exclusively seeking somebody with coding or graphic skills, but it would always be beneficial to a budding site. I am more so interested in sociable, friendly individuals that will enjoy meeting new members and having a helping hand in creating an accepting community.

I am a big believer in 'what's mine is yours' so despite the work I may have done, and at which point you come on board, you will have an equal say in everything. If there's an event that you think might work better, let's discuss. If there's a character that you think should be accepted that has been denied, let's discuss. I'll always be accommodating and we'll be partners— this is meant to be a hobby and not a work place hierarchy!

If you are interested, and I sincerely hope you are, then please feel free to contact me on Discord or via personal message. This can be with any questions, queries or ideas you have. I'll have a few questions of my own, but they'll be super easy.

Discord: Jacka#5403

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